Trafalgar tavern

Free comedy at the Trafalgar tavern, a place that has seen William Gladstone and Charles Dickens dining side-by-side. The Trafalgar tavern has stood for 170 years at the Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site, and it remains one of London’s most essential public houses. It is a pub with a unique history, where it also maintains the luxury of modern events and dining. Comedy will be staged here every Wednesday from March 15th.You can reach them on their, call them:020 8858 2909, email, or you can reach them at this address:Trafalgar tavern,Park Row, Greenwich, London, SE10 9NW. Instant laughs will be here every Wednesday from March 15th.


The Grove bar and restaurantthegrove

The Grove, established in 1996 in the present form, is an award-winning*, Modern Mediterranean Restaurant – a perfect oasis for business or pleasure with a relaxed atmosphere.

Instant laughs is here every Tuesday and Thursday, looking to book a table, you can reach them on their website:, call them:020 8748 2966, email, or you can reach them at this address:83 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 0NQ.


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