Why I started Instant laughsT92A8396

My name is Marvin McCarthy, I am a stand up comedian and chief organiser of Instant laughs. I have been gigging for nearly two years, amassed over 474 gigs and I am passionate about stand up comedy.

I created Instant laughs, because most open mic comedy nights are  located in North London, there is not a clear progression structure and most do not provide a real audience. It is a disservice to acts, as it makes it difficult to judge a performance. Furthermore,  people are missing out on the freshest stand up comedy, because of where they live. I am looking to provide a solution to this problem.



About Instant laughsBenFogg

Instant laughs are a comedy club and production company, we are committed to two things, you, our audience and the performers. We want you to have a great time, by ensuring you see a good mix of acts,  with highly skilled hosts and professional comedians to close the shows. Furthermore, we want to ensure that acts who impress get extended sets, paid hosting and headliner spots.

Currently, Instant laughs are based in Wimbledon village and Hammersmith,we work with Hemmingways and the Grove, to provide an entertaining evening of comedy. Both our nights start at 7:30pm and finish at 10:15pm. If you want to get in contact with Instant laughs, you can reach us on Meetup:http://goo.gl/u7P916, Facebook:https://goo.gl/szD5Ct, Twitter:https://goo.gl/knsWpN and email: Info@instant-laughs.com. Furthermore, if you fancy a bit of online entertainment you can join the Youtube channel:http://bit.ly/1MvLWXz.  I hope to see you at one our shows soon, they will bring Instant laughs.